One for all, All for one

Let us share the network and take benefits more.

Easy manage your own network

Manage your own network within one minute, even after you got new brand wireless router.

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Benefits from your sharing network

When you visited anywhere either in travel or business trip, try a simple SMS to locate other members's shared network.

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Secure your network traffic

Use the most secured VPN service to secure your mobile traffic in any wireless network.

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“Your Wi-Fi network is no one’s asset but yours. It’s just there to be used, if someone can figure out how.”

by Brendan Greeley on Bloomberg Businessweek - "Where Do You Really Need a Carrier's Wireless Network?", November 08, 2013

Friends network sharing

Have a complicated network password to share with your friends? Hard to tell in oral or type it directly on device? It is out of date now, with WIFI assists you to use the QR-Code to share your network on screen or embedded onto any photos you selected, and your friends just need to use with WIFI to capture and one click to get the access done!

You can export your your QR-Code onto your photo and share them via Twitter, WeChat and email. Feel free to enjoy it.

Not only does that create potential pitfalls over the long term, but it also transfers more business to providers of fixed, wireline broadband providers like cable companies, giving them a great deal more bargaining power in the process.

by Brian Fung on The Washington Post - "How plain, old WiFi will revolutionize the cellular industry", November 21, 2013

WITH WIFI supports to manage 39 router brands

* Check the model details in the application

with WIFI helps you manage your network and enable the member network sharing

By using with WIFI, it offers the simplified network management for 39 router brands, over 60 wireless routers can managed by using the same user interface. On the other hand, it allows the members to access the network nearby after the network owner start sharing.

It will help the international traveler and short-tripper to find a Wi-Fi hotspot and enjoy the entertainment as at home

For a crowded area such as a mall, the carrier is better off working with the property owner to build a bunch of shorter-range Wi-Fi cells than to site and build a massive tower somewhere nearby. For big carriers, this could mean billions in savings over time.

by Brendan Greeley on Bloomberg Businessweek - "What Wi-Fi's Popularity Means for Cell Phone Carriers", January 02, 2014

Send a personalized QR greeting card with Wi-Fi access

Distribute it to your friends and get the comfortable network during visiting.

No Service Number available for your country? Get your own self-service number here

Now we have only limited service numbers that are available in U.K. and P.R. China, though we are going to offer the US service number soon, there will be lots of the countries cannot be covered. No problem, we have another alternative to offer. You can download the Self-Service Number onto a Android Phone, and turn its number into your customized self-service number.