Access nearest network shared by WITH WIFI member

Register as MOTIONEXT member

Before you try to access any network offered by MOTIONEXT members, you need to go to register and one success sign-in as MOTIONEXT member.
Click [Share] on the main screen and go to MOTIONEXT membership screen. If you are new to the MOTIONEXT, please click [Register] to create new account in MOTIONEXT. After the success of the account creation, please sign in in sequence, you will be able to see 100 WIFI credits was presented as the welcome bonus.

Four options for your access setup

In fact there are four options for your network access setup:
1. Send a location-based SMS and expect the message answer to carry the network access back - it work perfectly with iPhone and any iOS device with the SMS capability;
2. Copy/type the answer text which was retrieved by another device to setup the network access on this device - usually this can be used on those iPod and iPad family without the SMS capability, and it can co-work with any cell-phone to get the network access done;
3. Using the camera to scan a QR-Code that contains the network setup information and trigger the network setup process automatically - this is quite useful for the friends network sharing;
4. Import an image that contains a QR-Code and if the QR-Code was recognized as the valid access information, your devices can be brought into the friends network as well.