MOTIONEXT – Each person has the unic value in the world

Who we are

Good questions, we are a small group, some of us are engineers, some are professional business executive, some of us are artists. The exact introduction will come soon as soon as you thought our work is worth for one cent...

Our mission

We believe even a tiny contribution may make the human community one tiny step forward, and therefore we continuously engaged in the new innovation. And what we imaged as innovation may not be visible, the invisible innovation is much more amazing and it is worth to try our best to get it done.

We illustrate our exciting product WITH WIFI and its position we would like to stand, besides the enterprise network and private network, we would like to bring the carrier grade protection service to the end consumers, bring the network simplified management to everybody, and enable the private network sharing/rent available anywhere, anytime.

Why we insist on this market?

The Wi-Fi network has become one key factor to grow the network-based communication, entertainment, WITH WIFI expected to give everybody who wants to surf one unified option across the country, region and society boundary.



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