QR-Code sharing your network to your friends

Scan and Access

1. Click [Manage] to make sure you are the network owner

Later on, you have save option to save your network access QR-code and combine it with your personal photo, it is your personal greeting card to your friends. But first of all, With WIFI need to ensure you have the proper permission to share.

2. Click [Friends Share]

By using this QR-code sharing, no cost even credits. You simply present this QR-code before your friends' devices...

3. QR-Code was presented on screen

You can save it or embedded it into a personal photo, and send it via twitter/facebook, and your friends can save it and import via [Access].

4. On other devices, click [Access]

It might be iPhone, it could be a iPod, iPad with the camera.

5. After your click on camera, the scan page will be presented

Once the scan was done successfully, and a valid network profile was detected, a green box might occur shortly and With WIFI will bring you into the next step.

6. Click [Install] to setup the wireless network

It is a similar process as SMS network setup, With WIFI will setup your network automatically under your proper permission.

7. After the usage of the network, please remove the profile and disconnected automatically

Attention: if you didn't remove the profile, later you might not be able to request another new network access.