Subscribe VPN to protect your privacy and freedom

Freedom and safe

1. Click [Security and Privacy]

Now [Heartbleed] causes we thought even SSL cannot secure our network traffic, and the information leak, visit limits in some region brought us lots of concern on security and privacy. Although the VPN usage may cause somehow lower network speed, it was required to ensure your network traffic, e.g. Online banking, email, etc. With WIFI offers the VPN service and allow you sharing it across your own iOS devices.

2. Click [VPN 30 days] to purchase and VPN service will be setup automatically

If you cannot ensure whether your previous purchase was still valid in 30 days, you can click [Recover VPN subscription], if our platform cannot detect your valid purchasing, a reminder will be presented. If any valid subscription was detected, With WIFI will automatically recover your VPN service on your device

If your subscription is still valid, and you cannot connect to the VPN service, you can also use recover option to refresh your VPN settings. Or during the purchase process, some interruption blocked the setup process that caused your setting was not done properly, you can also click recovery option.

If you have one valid VPN subscription, you can click the QR-code option to conduct a QR-Code, then use your other device to scan it, it will help you transfer your VPN subscription among devices.

ATTENTION: The device that presents the QR-Code MUST be the original one to purchase the VPN subscription, other devices cannot take this role.

3. Turn VPN on when you need it.

After the VPN profile was installed onto your device, you can turn it on by using the toggle button on [Settings] -> [General] -> VPN, you can also turn it off there as well.