Using SMS to access the shared network nearby

A simple SMS is enough

1. Click [Access]

We provide multiple options to assist your access to the network, including via SMS and QR-code scan. The SMS approach is suitable to access the member shared network, and therefore the valid membership is the precondition and please make sure you have at least 30 credits in your account (You can get the credits either via your private network sharing or the purchase). The QR-code scan is better among friends and family or your different devices, please check the QR-code sharing and access section.

2. Click [Send message and setup]

Once you get the access successfully via SMS previously, With WIFI may ask you to send out a SMS to indicate your previous connection has been removed and stop the credit charge. Please make sure you have removed the profile in your general settings before you request new access, we also need to protect the network owner's right, look forward to your understanding.

3. Select one service number or self-service number

In the latest release we offer a new feature to enable you specify a self-service number (This number should be hosted on an Android mobile phone and please secure it with a valid internet access, so it would be the best to put at home wireless network, then no extra cost). This option is the best solution if you have any privacy concern or you are in those country we cannot offer the official local service number. Please refer how to configure that self-service number information

4-6 Send SMS and copy the valid answer back to setup

With WIFI will automatically generate one SMS to identify your location and membership, please DO NOT revise, simply send it to the service number or your self-service number. Once the platform detects any valid shared network around you, 50 meters, one SMS begin with "MOTIONEXT" will return to you, it carried the encrypted network information, simply press the answer for a while and then copy it, go back to With WIFI to click the [Setup], With WIFI will automatically configure the network for you.

7. Install the profile to enable the network access

After you click on [Setup], the application will start to install a profile onto your device according to your permission. Please follow the device instruction to install. If there is any password required to confirm, it is required by the iOS to make sure you give the proper permission to do that, please enter your device password to grant it. After the profile was installed successfully, you should be able to access the wireless network within seconds. If you have accessed that network, but no internet access, it indicates the network might be blocked out of the internet, don't worry, in this case, you will not be charged with any credits. The credits will be charged only if you have gained the internet access.

8. Once connected to wireless network, a page to tell you how to disconnect will be presented.

Please make sure your installed profile has been removed in [Settings] -> [General] -> [Profiles].

9. Remove the profile before sending the SMS to terminate the connection

With WIFI will detect whether your network access profile has been removed - it will protect the network owner's right and ensure the network will be not be accessed by illegal usage. So please make sure to uninstall the profile once you think you don't need it anymore, otherwise, the platform will consider you still use it as usual. If you quit the application and the disconnection page was lost, the application will reminder you on your next new access request, and the SMS will be forced to sent out then.