WITH WIFI – Your benefits

Network Owner

Easy manage your network and secure your network in one click
It also offer the simplest way to share your network access among your different smart devices, even among your friends.
No more talk on network access token, simply scan or import a QR-Code, WITH WIFI will get your network configuration done for you automatically.

Do you require a network nearby?

Have you dreamed that there was one simple way to make use of the nearest WIFI network to see some video, WITH WIFI is your choice

Make your connection secured anywhere

Now there are lots of network threats in the free WIFI domain, even in the WIFI networks provided in starbucks, cafeteria and hotels. The connection without the WPA/WPA2 protection may expose your network traffic raw data before the sniffer tools, and it may cause the session kidnapping, credential misuse, etc.
The simple and efficient way to protect your connection is leverage of the VPN technology to encrypt your data, now WITH WIFI brings this service to every user with single click.
It costs 1.99 USD per month, and feel free to subscribe/unsubscribe, there is no limits on data volume and subscription duration.

Check out what you will gain

Besides the easy network management, you may gain extra WIFI credits, once your credits reach 1000 credits, you have an option to redeem it with one 30 days VPN access to secure your network traffic even in a free, non-password protected Wi-Fi network. Check out the details...