WITH WIFI – Innovation invisible

Simplify the network management in your home

Lots of wireless routers sit around us, sometimes we never realize it plays the key role to connect us with the world. WITH WIFI helps you manage your network quickly and efficiently by using your smart device.

It allows you:
1. It can manage multiple vendors' products, it become much more easier if you want to switch your old router to new one;
2. It offers the management of the wireless network credential/password, wireless network name and administrator password, it also forced you to enhance your password into WPA/WPA2 mode to secure your network traffic;
3. It offers the QR sharing to help your better network sharing when the friends visit - you needn't to tell them or type in a complicated password by hand, simply using WITH WIFI to generate the QR-Code, and your friend can use WITH WIFI to scan and install your network access on his/her devices;
4. It also offer the MAC filter control function for your restrict network usage or private only, and router configuration backup via email.
5. Besides the basic and advanced network management, we offer you the simplest way to get the network configured in comfortable, shared and restrict mode;

Send a message to fetch available network nearby

When you visits a new city as international tourist, you can simply send a message and WITH WIFI will carry the possible shared network back to you, and assist you setup it step by step, you needn't to know the details and just click.

After the service retrieved your location, a suitable shared network will be returned in an encrypted message carried by SMS, you can go back to the WITH WIFI to setup it and go online in one minute.

If you have shared your private network and gathered more than 30 WIFI credits at that moment, you are free to surf for one day in the delivered network. It only costs your cost on SMS and your credits.

If you haven't sufficient credits, you need to purchase WIFI coins in advance, and it will cost you 0.99 USD/hour, maximum 2.99 USD/day in such a network.

* Before you make use of this functionality, a membership is required.

Secure your surf even in any Free WIFI network

Right now there are lots of network fraud threats occurred in the free WIFI network without any encryption protections. The VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the most efficient way to resolve this issue. When you went to a internet cafe, turn your device into VPN and all traffic will be protected by the VPN, even the hackers have nothing to do it.

WITH WIFI offers the carrier-grade VPN service via 2.99 USD/month, without any data volume limitation, and you have freedom to subscribe it in anytime, if in the next month, you don't need it any more, simply forget it.

WITH WIFI will grant your access to our provided VPN service in an automatic way.

Check out what you will gain

Besides the easy network management, you may gain extra WIFI credits when other members access your network by using the WIFI credits, you can redeem 1000 credits as 30 days VPN access for free.