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How can I know my wireless router supported by WITH WIFI?

Right now we support 39 wireless router venders' products, if you go to network management by click on [Manage], you are able to see one option as "Manually select", then you are able to see the entire list of our supported router brands and the models, but not limited to. Because some of other routers can be managed by this application as well, but due to the limits of our investigation, we are unable to list them.
Simply have a try by using your proper administrator name and password to log in, if a message presented with incorrect password or non-support information, please wait for the next release of this application, we will continues extend our supported range.
See 39 Wireless Router Brand Support

What I can do in the Managment of WITH WIFI?

Please check out the following page for exploring your capability to play on your wireless network:
Dummy and advanced operation on your wireless network

If I turned the MAC filter on by mistake, how can I get the control back?

Before you turn the MAC filter on, you had better to go to [Advanced] setting page in WITH WIFI to double check whether your device MAC address was already listed in the white list, otherwise after the MAC filter took effect, your device might be rejected to connect with your wireless router. In this case, you have two options:

1. Fetch a network cable and connect it to the wireless router, another is connected to a laptop, and open the browser on the laptop to access the administration portal to turn the MAC filter off, or add your device MAC address into the white list;

2. If you cannot find a cable and laptop around you, please press the reset button for 30 seconds and release it. Usually the wireless router will trigger the factory reset process to recover the original setting after the production. After then you can make use the WITH WIFI to reconfigure it or use your setting backup to restore your latest setting on wireless router.

I still have other devices in the network, how can I secure those connections while sharing my network?

It is very common that there are lots of wireless equipments at one place, such as IPTV, Laptop, Pad, wireless music center, etc. When you left home, usually you can leave them as stand-by mode, which is energy-efficient and is the most secured way to protect your devices in safe.

Sometimes we still want to allow some remote assignments either by using laptop to download, or using the smart device to turn the air condition on, we believe there might be more specific tasks can be done over the connected devices. It is good question to give a secured solution while sharing any network in advance:

1. The most common way to keep your network secured and enable sharing is use 2 pieces of wireless router to connect with each other, each uses the Router mode, instead of the bridge mode, which means each router manages its own network, and was isolated to another, but both of them leverage the same channel to the internet, either done by cable, or by ADSL/VDSL, etc. And then one router can be used for personal purpose, another can be shared as the public one;

2. Another choice is to disable the sharing, obviously it was another option, and you can turn the MAC filter on to protect your devices behind the network.

If anybody shared my network without proper uninstallation of the network configuration, what will happen?

In WITH WIFI, ONLY one valid Wi-Fi configuration will be allowed, so if any member who ever entered your network and forgot to disconnect by uninstall of the network configuration, he will meet the following troubles:
1. He cannot request another new network anymore, unless he uninstall the network configuration provided by WITH WIFI;

2. If he didn't send the SMS to notify the connection was terminated, the billing process will go on, so the WIFI credits or coins will go to the network owner account unless the SMS was sent;

3. The network owner will be notified via the increase amount of the WIFI coins/credits, so the owner has the right to revise his network access password/name, plus the QR-Code sharing it makes the network change much easier among devices;

4. If any members were detected to use the configuration improperly, once it occurred, the member account will be blocked and no more network sharing.

How to hard reset a Wireless Router

Sometimes you need to reset your wireless router to the factory setting, usually the following cases may cause such an action:

1. You forgot the administration password;

2. Incorrect settings blocked your modification on the network configurations, e.g. MAC address filter blocked your devices to enter the network;

3.The upgrade failure caused the incorrect behavior of the wireless router;

Please follow the following actions to reset the wireless router:

1. Keep the wireless router running on;
2. Locate the reset button on your wireless router, it usually located on the back of the router;
3. Uses a pen or paper clip to insert it into the hole of the reset, and hold down the reset button for at least 30 seconds;
4. Release your pen and wait for the reaction of the router, usually the light indicator will blink to indicate the internal process is being done;
5. After 2-3 minutes, try to use your devices to connect with the router, please make use of the steps introduced on the general user manual to configure, because now the router was set back to the factory setting.

If anybody did something illegal, such as bittorent, P2P file sharing, what can WITH WIFI do with it?

Yes, we can do multiple actions to protect:
1. Operation system support limit - Right now we can support iOS, Android based device, Windows Phone might be the next. On those devices, the security mechanism are well designed, and the P2P file sharing application is quite rare in the markets, so the P2P file sharing could be erased in the issue map by now;

2. Network management with MAC filters - If you really have concern on your network security, just keep your network unshared, and it will be never distributed among other members without your permissions. And you can purchase WIFI coins to access other members' network if you want.

3. Member access block - if any illegal usages occurred in any numbers' network, reported by the network owner, we will block the specific member and list it into the black list, later on, any request to access the network from this blocked number will be ignored;

4. MAC address access block - if member access block cannot ensure the given specific user's illegal usage, for instance, a new registration, and it was identified as the same person who should be listed in the black list, the device MAC address will be listed into black list, any access from this device will be blocked as well.

5. For the security concern, we can provide the network owner the member list who ever requested the network access, and did the success connection, it can be ONLY triggered by the network owner, the request from others will be ignored.

May I use the router management tools in your mobile application to configure the ADSL/VDSL?

No. Since the ADSL/VDSL user name and password were assigned by the wired network operators for you, it belongs to the network operator property, we keep respect to this and will not offer this capability by now.

Right now the dual-band wireless router occurred in the markets, will you deliver the support to those routers?

The dual-band wireless router was equipped with 2.4 G and 5G frequency capability, 5G band offers faster connection speed but right now only few smart devices can detect and leverage it, e.g. Apple iPhone 5s. And the signal coverage range of 5G is less than 2.4G by 30%-50%, it means it is more environment sensitive and distance sensitive than 2.4G.
Based on above conditions, right now we didn’t support the configuration of 5G in router management and of course the sharing of the 5G was disabled as well, so you can take it as your private network by yourself.

Which kind of wireless routers are supported by WITH WIFI?

Right now WITH WIFI supports the following types of the wireless routers:
1. ADSL/VDSL wireless gateway;
2. Wireless Routers as the access points;
3. 3G/4G Wireless routers.

The usage of the mobile tethering was limited in some countries, and may cause the extra cost, and therefore it was NOT supported by WITH WIFI.

Is it possible to get remote control on my network under WITH WIFI?

No, though we are aware that some wireless routers support the remote management by using DDNS, to ensure your network security and avoid the NAS firewall issue, we didn't support this feature.

Is it possible to share or unshare my network outside of my appartment?

Yes. You can leave your home and decide to share your network or turn off the network sharing by using the option in the membership screen with any internet access.

ADSL/VDSL Wireless Gateway

Wireless Routers

3G/4G Wireless Routers

NO support for Mobile Tethering Sharing

How can I do if there is no service number available in my country?

We are small start-up, so we are trying to offer more and more local country-based service numbers, but they were still limited. Now the latest version allows you to define a self-service number, it could belong to an Android device and it will interact with you, everything is in your control, it is especially better if you have privacy concern.
For more details, please check How it works: Self-Service Number

I tried to use subscribed VPN to connect, it failed with some exception message

Our service works usually constantly, if you met such an issue, it might be due to the following reasons:

1. The service was in maintenance phase, it usually take 5 minutes, so in this case, you can try to redial in 5 minutes later;

2. Your leveraged network didn’t support VPN pass-through, that indicates the VPN connection cannot be established in such environment, in this case you need to switch to another network and have another try;

3. The network was configured in suspicious mode, either the DNS settings may lead the network traffic to the black hole, or the network was not connected to the internet properly. In this case, you should leave and forget this network.

As the summary, what you need to do is:

i. Have another try in 5 minutes;

ii. If it still didn’t work, go and forget this network on your devices.

I forgot when I subscribed the VPN access, how can I do?

It is quite simple, before you purchase another 30 days VPN access, simply have a try on the restore your VPN subscription on the same screen. We will check your latest purchase date, if it was purchased within 30 days, your VPN access will be restored via the application itself, so please go ahead and have a try.

What is the price for the network access offered by the members?

Please check the following link that gives the detailed information:
Detailed Pricing Information

If I just want to use free service, which kind of functionalities will be available for me in WITH WIFI?

The following functions are free for everybody, even with out the MOTIONEXT membership:
1. Network management for 39 wireless router brands;
2. Friends network sharing via QR-Code capture, or embedded image sharing over Twitter, WeChat and email;
3. Administrator Password reminder email alert to ensure you never forget the network admin password;
4. Network configuration backup via email, it assists you to recover your configuration.
5. MOTIONEXT membership creation.

What is WITH WIFI market position?

Our mission is besides the enterprise network and private network, we would like to bring the carrier grade protection service to the end consumers, bring the network simplified management to everybody, and enable the private network sharing/rent available anywhere, anytime.

For the market position, please refer this: Our missions

How can I get the money back?

As you might know, if you collect enough WIFI coins, you have option to claim them back and withdraw it via PayPal or Alipay. If you exceeds it, click the button inside the application to conduct an initial claim request by using your registered email account, and our service staff will approach you within 24 hours, and double check your WIFI coin state and please prepare PayPal/Alipay account in advance.

* Please make sure your registered email address is accessible by you, otherwise your claim statement will lose its answer.

What is the roadmap on the device support?

Right now the iOS devices are fully supported, include iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, iPad and iPad mini, the Android application is being implemented and it may bring more user friendly experience to you, since we need to obey the Apple strict patterns and therefore some automatic actions cannot be taken, so you need to manually copy the message to the application.
For the Windows Phone, it would be considered after the Android version was released onto the market. You know we are a small team, and it must be done step by step.
By the way, the VPN was not yet supported by the present Windows Phone, and therefore you cannot expect we can offer the same VPN service to you, this is another major factor to postpone the Windows Phone version development.

My friend visited Hong Kong, the wireless network were setup nearly everywhere and the 3G prepaid card offered me 7 days unlimited surfing option with 98 HK Dollar, why I need this solution?

Yes, we are aware that many cities are well equipped either with 3G/4G or wireless network infrastructure which enable the tourist better surfing experience. There are still lots of following exceptions:
2G subscribers who needs the WIFI network to surf and they cannot leverage 3G directly;
The zones that are still in developing may not offer the wireless network to the tourists/short-term travelers, and it brings the inconvenience to users, and become one obstacle for the economic development;
Even in Hong Kong, once we have the service nodes shared within this city, you can get free WIFI service if you have shared your router to contribute, it is more cost-efficient for you.

I heard T-Mobile offered Simple Choice Plan with unlimited data coverage in over 100 countries will be included in our Simple Choice Plan at no extra charge. Even better, texting is free and calls are only 20 cents a minute from 31.10.2013. How will you react?

We appreciated this consumer-friendly activity. Two points need to be referred:
1. Unlimited Simple Choice Plan costs 70 USD/month, 2.5 GB/month subscription price is 60 USD/month, these plan were expensive while the data volume still cannot be mounted as saving if you didn’t use it;
2. The roaming network quality may differ with the service offering operator, the data transmitting speed might be slower than the expectation

Now there are some inter-city transportation tools are equipped with the WIFI network, it seems it is more convenient for me…

Yes, some cities offered such services to citizens either in Metro or on bus. The usage of this WIFI is limited, the users who enter that network can only: either surf on the specific content that offered by the operator in the intranet mode, or they require the WIFI subscription from the operator to login and surf the internet properly.
We didn’t offer the WIFI service in movement, according to the Ericsson research report, more than 70% WIFI network traffic occurred within buildings, our focus is to offer the WIFI network to the users who need 1 hour or more hours internet services with the fixed location.

Many Hotels and restaurants offered the guests with the free WIFI service, why I need this service?

Not all hotels offer the WIFI service to the guests according to their business strategy. As the tourists who are in favor of surfing and video-entertainment, you cannot rely on the hotels policy. There might be following limitation and disadvantages even using the hotel WIFI service:
The bandwidth might be limited and insufficient for the HD-video entertainment;
The data traffic might be not secured if the hotels offer open WIFI network.
We are offering the VPN service to protect your data securely, and offer the second option in case none WIFI service provided by the hotels. Of course, the service will become free if you have one shared WIFI network at home.
Even for those free Wi-Fi service providers, no finance investments indicates no support anymore, and it indicates even you enter that network, the internet access might be lost for months, but in private network, they are mainly served for the network owners, and therefore it can get maintenance by them for private usages.

Why you only support iOS/Android devices to use this service?

We need to secure the shared WIFI network access token to be used by visitors properly. The security protection model of the iOS/Android devices satisfied our criteria.
For the Windows Phone, due to the API limitation and no VPN service offered by Microsoft, right now we have no plan to implement this service on it.
For the desktops, there are lots of hack tools running on that and file sharing may bring the illegal usage issues to the shared network host, so we wouldn’t offer this service on those platforms as well.

Why we didn’t support Symbian devices

Symbian devices are one of major smartphone devices, it usually equipped with the camera, WIFI capability and even GPS capability. Right now we didn’t have plan to support the Symbian devices, due to the following reasons:

1. The Symbian device didn’t offer the wide range support to the mobile application to access the Wifi connections, especially in Series 40 devices;

2. The resolution of the Symbian devices is usually small and not suitable for the rendering of the video streaming that is a major traffic volume consuming task, and it is also the major usage reason of the Wifi network in mobile devices;

3. Nokia support to Symbian will be deprecated and therefore we do expect more Android, iOS devices will come to the mobile subscribers.

Which kind of data will be maintained by WITH WIFI service? Even my administrater password was included?

No, the administrator password will NOT be kept on service platform side. The following data will be maintained by the service platform:
1. Wireless router name once the admin shared his network;
2. Wireless network access token once the admin shared his network;
3. admin's membership on WITH WIFI;
4. Wireless router MAC address;
5. The admin network sharing schedule;
6. WIFI Coins/Credits status.

Other information will not be stored in the service platform to protect the network owner's privacy.


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