WITH WIFI – Access the network nearby

Before you send any request to access the network nearby

Since your MOTIONEXT account will ensure your WIFI credits/coins to be sufficient for the new network connection, it is mandatory to have a valid account on MOTIONEXT, as the figure illustrated, please make use your valid email address to get such a free account.

Send your location information via SMS

After your account verification on device, click [Access] and send the SMS on iPhone or other iPad with the SMS capability.

Select your preferred SMS destination as service number

Right now we have service number in two countries, United Kingdom and P.R.China, please select one of them as your SMS destination to notify your location and mobile number that will receive the SMS answer.

Copy your received SMS and continue in WITH WIFI

After the request was sent, please wait for seconds, usually it just took 20-40 seconds, if a suitable and valid network shared by other members was detected, SMS answer will carry the network information back to your mobile.
Please copy your received SMS and go back to WITH WIFI, click [Setup] as illustrated in the figure to continue.

After the network connected …

After your click on [Setup] to configure the wireless network, then congratulation to you. Besides the web surf and video streaming for your fun, you could have a look on what could be offered by this network host, it was an promotion page done by the network owner.

Have fun on the internet

It is free if you have sufficent WIFI credtis via your network sharing. If you didn't have enough credits, purchase some WIFI coins in prepaid mode, and one hour costs you 1 USD, max. 3 USD for one day access on the same network!