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Wireless router admin only

To manage your wireless router, you must prove to be the administrator at first. WITH WIFI offers the administrator functions for almost 40 router brands, over 60 wireless router models, it means you need not to take care of the router brand, simply make use of the same interface to manage your network.
WITH WIFI has built-in intelligence to be adapted to different router brands, besides this, you have extra option to select the router brand manually as figure illustrated

Please make use of your proper administrator name and password to log into your administrator console.

Router Management Support for 39 Wireless Router Brand

Dummy mode

Select one mode as you preferred

To simplify your management options, WITH WIFI offer you three options, and you can simply select one of them as your network working mode:

1. Comfortable mode - allow new devices to be authenticated and access this network, it would be the best option for your family and friends to use the same network without any troubles;

2. Share mode - in this mode, your membership on MOTIONEXT is required, and your shared time will be secured as WIFI credits, and later on you can spend it on other members shared networks for free;

3. Restrict mode - if you have great concern on the network security in your own network, click this button to turn the MAC filter on and only those MAC address listed in your MAC white list can access this network.

Comfortable mode

In this mode, the MAC filter will be turned off, and the network sharing in MOTIONEXT will be turned off as well. It is a balanced choice between your convenience and network security if you only want to use this network among your family and friends.

Share mode

In this mode, the MAC filter will be turned off, and the network sharing in MOTIONEXT will be turned on as well. Before you leave home, you can turn this mode on and any members near your home may get the access via MOTIONEXT service and you can either gain the WIFI credits or WIFI coins for your further usage in other MOTIONEXT member network.

The WIFI coins can be claimed to withdraw after it exceeds 600 WIFI coins, c.a. 100 USD, 60% will go to your Paypal/Alipay account which we current support, Apple took 30% and 10% will be taken by the MOTIONEXT as service fee.

Restict mode

In this mode, the MAC filter will be turned on, and the network sharing in MOTIONEXT will be turned off.
Before you enable this option, please go to advanced settings to make sure your device MAC address has been added into the white list, otherwise you may be blocked by your network as well.

This mode is suitable for anybody who have great concern on its own network, and have knowledge on how to find MAC address on any devices, usually an IT specialist can do this.

Advanced mode

Change and share

After you click on [More] on the dummy mode, you are able to see additional basic options:

1. Change your network password - To keep your network security, WITH WIFI will enforce you to give new personal WPA/WPA2 password as new network password, WEP and enterprise WPA/WPA2 will not be supported. This will keep your network from any potential network attacking even when your network is shared.

2. Change administrator password - WITH WIFI also offers the automatic password generator to assist your password creation, it could be a reference when you want to renew your password.

3. Friends share via QR-Code - it will presents a QR-Code and allow your friends to capture it via another WITH WIFI, or you can export it onto your personal photo and share it as your personal WIFI card via email/Twitter/WeChat.

4. MOTIONEXT Share - To enable the member sharing, you can also enable this option in advanced mode in this step.

Friends/Family Sharing

By click [Friend Share], a QR-Code will be presented on the next screen, you have many options to share it with your friends, your devices and family members:

1. Use another WITH WIFI to capture the presented QR-Code, and WITH WIFI will configure the network access automatically;
2. Export and embedded it into one personal photo in your album, and email to your friends or devices, then WITH WIFI can import it via [Access] function and configure it on another device;
3. Share it via Twitter or WeChat those we currently support, and your friends are able to use WITH WIFI to import it as well.

Change and Restrict control

By click [Advanced], there are more options for the expert usage:

1. MAC filter control - it is the best tool to limit your network to be accessed by your assigned devices in the white list, please be aware of the MAC address on your devices in advance, and follow the instruction to turn it on. We are not responsible for those case you are locked out of your network.:>) But in the question and answers, we tell you how to handle that if you made such a mistake;
2. Change network name - sometimes changing the network name frequently is also a not-bad idea to protect your network, WITH WIFI offers this function to every expert as well for fun;
3. Router configuration backup and email - sometimes you need to backup your configuration, WITH WIFI offers the email backup as an add-on to ensure your configuration be kept safely;
4. Reboot router if you want.

Lots of feature in WITH WIFI, just have a try

We hope you will love it and recommand it to your friends