How it works: Self-Service Number

Make sure to trust unknown sources checked

After the downloading of the Android application, please make sure in the Settings -> Security, the Unknown Sources was checked to be trusted, then you will be allowed to install this application directly on your device.

Use WithWIFI to send SMS

The application user leverages the WithWIFI on iOS (Android version is coming soon) to initiate a SMS to carry the membership identity and location information to Service Number/Self-Service Number.

The Service Number/Self-Service Number interprates the SMS into internet request

Right now we offer two service number, one in P.R. China, one in U.K, to serve as the mediation node to assist the request submission over the internet. Anybody who has security concern, or for those countries we didn't cover by now, you can download an Android application below, and install it onto Android device, keep it into one valid Wi-Fi environment, e.g. your home, and send your SMS back to this device, our service platform will be informed your request as well.

* NO Extra cost on Self-Service Number

Since the Android device only receives the SMS and send it via wireless network to the cloud platform, there is NO extra cost, usually one Pre-paid number is sufficient to facilitate.

Cloud return your valid Wi-Fi encrypted access information via SMS

Our service platform can return any shared Wi-Fi network information according to your request, and encrypted it into a SMS back to your original device. WithWIFI will secure the access information was unknown for the access requester to protect the sharing network owner.